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Applications of Abrasive Products in Military Industry

Post Date: 2016-09-09

Abrasive products are widely used in military industry, which are concentrated in the shipbuilding, aerospace, military equipment manufacturing, gun and weapons manufacturing, equipment manufacturing and so on. Its application range is wide, which has not only high content of science and technology, but high requirements for accuracy.

Electroplated diamond grinding wheel has a good effect when grinding complex radome surface. Ball screws are widely used in satellite, missile guidance system and capsule space transmission devices. Ball screw manufacturing needs CNC screw grinding machine. High speed grinding is an effective way to improve grinding precision and surface quality, and at the same time, it can significantly increase the production efficiency.

NSK displayed ball screw and rolling guide at the speed of 240 m/min at Hannover EMO in 2005. The speed of domestic ball screw is 100 m/minLR, which still has big difference. Numerical control screw grinding machine companies are now using CBN grinding wheel grinding.

These companies that manufacture two kinds of superhard material products should have pioneering spirit, improve the level of research and development, to "actively promote space infrastructure construction and the development of satellite and its application industry.", and make due contributions.