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PDC Cutters For Oil/ Gas Drilling
PDC Cutters for mining

RJ Polycrystalline Diamond Composites (RJ PDC) consist of a polycrystalline diamond layer sintered with tungsten carbide substrate under extremely high pressure and high temperature.

RJ PDC are produced with carefully chosen high-quality industrial diamond and tungsten carbide materials as well as advanced synthesizing technology, combining the strengths of both diamond and tungsten carbide, so they are widely used for various drilling tools such as petroleum bits, mining bits, geological drilling bits, and other rock cutting and processing tools.

1. PDC Cutters For Oil/ Gas Drilling

RJ PDC Cutters use advanced sintering process, possess extremely high abrasion resistance, self sharpness and extremely strong impact resistance ability, specifically for oil/ gas drilling design and manufacture, they can also be used for other rock cutting tool.

Sizes Chart of Oil/ Gas Drilling PDC Cutters:

2. PDC Cutters for mining

RJ mining PDC cutters have earned a good reputation by offering the best combination of cost and performance.

RJ mining PDC cutters are used for regular and enhanced anchor shank drill bits, PDC core bits, and full-hole bits. We supply different PDC cutter grades which are suitable for soft, soft-medium, medium hard, hard and tough formations.

Standard Specification Available:

Standard Specification Available: