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Resin Bond Diamond Grinding Wheels
Vitrified Bond Diamond Grinding Wheels
Metal Bond/Electroplated Diamond Grinding Wheels
CBN Grinding Wheels

Specification of Diamond Grinding Wheels

RJ provides both resin bond diamond grinding wheels, vitrified bond diamond grinding wheels and metal bond diamond grinding wheels.

Our products are widely used in Carbide, Wood, PCD/PCBN Tools and Diamond, Crank Shaft, Magnetic, meterial, Glass.

We can customize according to customers' needs, no matter what type, shape and size.

1. Resin Bond Diamond/CBN Grinding Wheels

Resin Bond Diamond Wheels have a special function of self-shaping, sharp-cutting, high-efficient grinding. It is not easy to destroy and heat the work piece in grinding. After grinding, the work piece’s surface is fine and smooth.

Resin Bond Diamond Wheel are mainly used in grinding carbide, vitrified, magnetic, silic, self-fluxing alloy material.

2. Vitrified Bond Diamond/CBN Grinding Wheels

The Vitrified Bond Diamond Grinding Wheels feature with high strength, high heat resistance, excellent cutting ability and high grinding efficiency, therefore, heating up or blacking is not easy to occur in the grinding process, and the low thermal dilation provide a high possibility of free control of process precision.

Vitrified Bond Diamond Grinding Wheels are applied in many hard and brittle material machining, such as wafer (semiconductor silicon slice and solar energy silicon slice), polycrystalline diamond compact(PDC), polycrystalline diamond(PCD), PCD tools, tungsten steel(cemented carbide), new emerging structure ceramic, precious stones, crystal, rare earth materials(magnetic material), and etc.

Vitrified Bond Diamond Grinding Wheels have the following characteristics:
1. High grinding efficiency.
2. High abrasion resistance, it is obvious when grinding hard and fragile work piece.
3. High grinding precision.
4. No pollution. The Vitrified Bond Diamond Grinding Wheels will not produce smoke in the process of grinding,therefore,it can meet the requirement of environmental protection.
5. Low labor intensity. The vitrified wheel needs no dressing generally in the using process, thus it has lowered the labor intensity.

3. Metal Bond/Electroplated Diamond Grinding Wheels

Metal Bond Diamond Grinding Wheel have the features of high efficiency, high stock removal, good self-sharpening, strong hold and good abrasion resistance. Our range of Metal Bond Diamond Grinding Wheels are available at market leading prices.