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PDC Inserts

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PDC Inserts
PCD Cutting Tool Blanks

The standard shape of RJ PCD Cutting Tool Blanks is round. Other shapes, such as rectangle, triangle, square, semi-circle and so on, can also be customized per customers' requirements.

RJ PCD Cutting Tool Blanks are available in 5 micron, 10 micron, 25 micron, and so on, mostly used for high precision cutting of non-ferrous metal (copper, aluminum, alloy ), finish processing of non-metal materials (porcelain, synthetic fibre, graphite materials), and wear resistance materials for surveying instruments, steering equipment, and supporting tools etc.

Advantages of PCD tool blanks: 1. Long working life. 2. Uniform surface finish. 3. Reduces machine down time. 4. Highly improved work piece quality and excellent dimensional control. 5. Increase productivity. 6. High material removal rate. 7. Lower cost per piece. 8. The working life of a PCD cutting edge is usually 50 to 250 times longer than that of traditional sintered carbide cutting tools.

PCD Cutting Tool Blanks Application Recommendation:

Sizes Chart of RJ PCD Cutting Tool Blanks: