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Synthetic Diamond is Expected to Become New Profit Point in Diamond Industry

Post Date: 2016-09-06

The diamond industry was once a leading industry in Bozhou, but has gradually declined in recent years. In the face of market pressure, a company in Bozhou has turned to the production of synthetic diamond. This transformation brings the company new vitality and profit point.

In the diamond production workshop, 40 machines are producing synthetic white diamonds. "We are all automated production, 40 machines only need two workers." says the manager in the company.

Once upon a time, the diamond industry is a leading industry in Bozhou. But as the market saturation of diamond in recent years, the development of this industry has gradually slowed down. In the face of such market pressure, many companies have began to make transition, and turn to synthetic diamond production, which makes enterprises obtain new vitality.

"Synthetic white diamond is mainly used in jewelry production, at $30 to $50 per carat, and the profits can reach 20-30%." he says. Synthetic diamond not only has high profit, low energy consumption, but accounts for only half of the production of diamond.After all projects to be put into production, the annual output of synthetic white diamond will be around 400000-500000 carats, and sales income about 400 million yuan.