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The Applications of Abrasive Products in Aeronautic Equipment

Post Date: 2016-09-02

We are the fifth country that is able to independently develop the aviation engine after the United States, Britain, Russia and France. The engine is the "heart" of aeronautic equipment and the source of power. Aircraft engine manufacturing cannot be without the abrasive products and grinding.

In term of grinding, the surface of various valves, sealing surface and working surface of the nozzle of aircraft engine, all require high luminosity, shape and dimensional accuracy, which all need to be grinded to reach the requirements.

Aircraft engine requires good thermal stability, red hardness and excellent high temperature mechanical properties. With aviation products constantly upgrading, especially with the widespread use of various kinds of composite materials and refractory materials, the processing technology is also gradually improved.

At present, PCD and PCBN material cutting tools, grinding tools and advanced technology such as heavy grinding, have been widely used in the aviation field. PCD cutting tools, in particular, have superb cutting performance, durability and high toughness, and obtain the consistent approval and wide applications, such as PCD cutting tool used for processing engine piston, PCD boring tools used for the engine piston pin hole, and electroplated CBN grinding wheel used for machining aircraft engine turbine blade root narrow deep groove. Ceramic bond CBN grinding wheels are also used in the processing of aircraft engine.